Clear Shine Cleaning

Clear Shine Cleaning was started in 2011 as a small window cleaning business serving York and its surrounding areas. Although the vision has been the same all along, we have had to work hard building the business up from literally nothing. As you read below, you can see that we have been constantly growing over the past few years and are looking to keep going.

In the early days of Clear Shine, we didn't have the luxury of transport to move around, our round was done on foot carrying big heavy ladders around, and we could only offer our services to customers within walking distance.

We worked hard canvassing the business and could easily have failed at the first hurdle. Due to lack of funds, our outfit seemed very 'cowboy' like, with trackie bottoms and trainers; we had no uniqueness about us. This was shown one week when canvassing and we door knocked from 9am-5pm, Monday - Thursday and we picked up ZERO new business.