Electric Window Cleaner

NANO TECH low maintaineance coatings are set to revolutionise the cleaning world. We will clean your commercial windows and apply a low maintaineance titanium coating which will repel dirt and reduce cleaning times to annually to save you money, ask for details. Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Window and Gutter Cleaning Using World Record unassisted 88ft Emporium Carbon Fibre Waterfed poles. Established in the 60s, but more recently since 1998 we were the first in this area to clean windows to very high standards using state of the art waterfed poles which safely reach 70ft or 7 floors.

The system uses Reverse osmosis water which cleans to a clinical standard, leaving your glass "shiny clean" and because there are no additives the glass stays cleaner longer. Reaches previously inaccessible glass and non damaging to flowerbeds roofs and sensitive areas. For traditional cleaning we also use "green" scandinavian designed micro fibre cloths without the need for polluting soap.