Extraclean Window Cleaning Services

As well as using tradition squeegee window cleaning techniques for smaller areas which may require special attention, Extraclean Window Cleaning Services also operate Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning Systems. One large advantage to using Water Fed Pole Systems is that Window Cleaning no longer poses as much of a health and safety risk, given that ladders are no longer required to reach and wash windows and glass on buildings with more than one storey or level.

Another advantage of using Water Fed Pole Systems is that larger commercial or industrial properties and buildings can be cleaned more quickly and efficiently, meaning that less inconvenience is caused to employees, customers or visitors.

When the brush reaches the surface of the glass and frames, it loosens the dirt and grime. Any dirt or dust particles are flushed away by the constant stream of pure water coming from the water fed pole. The glass is rinsed and left to dry naturally leaving a spotless, streak free finish.