Hereford Window Cleaning

As a local business we can provide a personal one-to-one service and with over 12 years in the cleaning trade have give in-depth knowledge and advice. Our experience of countless carpets, curtains and windows cleaned means that we know the best ways to economically, safely and effectively keep your home or offices clean.

We have invested heavily in the technology we use to get the best results. Our Dry Fusion equipment comes with a variety of ancillary products to tackle even the toughest and most ingrained stains on carpets. It is the weapon of choice to combat grime and odours in commercial establishments like nurseries and gymnasiums - imagine how clean it could get your home! The latest equipment also comes with our own skill, professionalism and experience - we know the best techniques and the best products to use to not only get an effective clean, but to do it safely. That means safety for you, the item being cleaned and the environment.