IKG Cleaning Services

Welcome to our Web Site, I hope it you find it useful and that our services are of interest to you.

IKG Cleaning Services started it's life back in 2008 as "Ian's Window Cleaning" offering just a window cleaning service since then the business has steadily and consistently grown every year in both customers and the services we offer, hence the reason for the change in name. We now offer a complete "one stop shop" external cleaning solution, including.

All cleaning is carried out from the safety of the ground (unless we have no other choice than to use a ladder) thus reducing potential accidents to an absolute minimum. The business has been built on quality of work and this is never sacrificed for speed as we pride ourselved on retaining our Customers which is always at the core of the business. We utilise a Water Fed Pole System to provide you with unbeatable finish and longer lasting clean windows. Frames and Sills are washed each and every time.