The Bin Tamers

J & S Professional Cleaning Services was formed in 2001 by 2 brothers after the closure of Nortel, with small outlay and alot of hard work we formed our bin cleaning enterprise. Our aim from the beginning is to provide a consistent, honest and reliable service which has enabled us to grow year by year.

We provide a professional, fully insured, and environmentally friendly on site bin cleaning service that combines quality, reliability and value for money. The Machinery uses hydraulics to lift the bins to the water catcher/initial filter and have both hand lances and on board spray heads to wash the bins inside and out, whilst collecting all the water used within a "water catcher" on the rear of the Bin Washer, so avoiding polluted water reaching the storm drains. The water is then recycled throughout the day.

A Citrus Cleaner that is biodegradable is used to assist the water cleansing and the washing of the bins.