Ultra Pure Cleaning

Pure water cleaning system that requires no detergents and dries leaving no streaks or smears, no need for ladders as all the work is done using a reach and wash water fed pole system. The poles are extendable so it is easier to reach upper level windows and roof windows. Detergents can leave a residue, grease, smears, calcium deposits and other unwanted impurities on the windows. Your guttering should ideally be cleaned at least once a year, as a build up of water from a blocked gutter can over-flow into your property causing a lot of damage.

The cost of which would be considerable to fix. We are able to provide you with effective gutter cleaning service up to 40 feet high, as the pictures to the right demonstrate. These are photographs of our ladderless gutter cleaning system in action on some of our existing clients roofs. These pictures show us using the latest ladderless cyclone purpose built gutter cleaning vacuum.