Window cleaning is one of the most hated and procrastinated household chores and fairly so. However, despite the fact that cleaning the windows is quite a mundane, boring yet not the easiest task in the world, it is still a necessity to do it, otherwise soon will become impossible to peak through the window and check the weather, enjoy a sunny day, etc. In fact, window cleaning could not be as bad as we all think of it. Nope, window cleaning does not have the potential to become one of your favourite things to do in the house if it has not been until now, however, cleaning your windows and glass doors until sparkling clean can become more time- and energy-saving and efficient. All you need to do is following a few simple yet very effective steps we will provide you with today.

Use Two Scrubbers

When cleaning your windows, if you want to get maximum results with a minimum investment of energy and elbow grease, you are recommended to use two different scrubbers in the process. The one you are going to use for the outside where is it normally dirtier and with a greater dirt buildup, while the second one you want to use for the inside. Using separate window scrubbers, you will be able to avoid carrying inside bacteria, allergens, pollutants, and bird excrements from outside.

Use Liquid Dish Soap

One of the best and easiest methods of cleaning deep and stubborn dirt from your windows is by using something as simple as liquid dish detergent. This type of cleaning product is designed to degrease and attach the stubborn dirt by removing it completely leaving the glass shiny and clean. Plus, using liquid dish soap is absolutely safe for everyone in the house and non-toxic.

Vinegar Works

People use vinegar for cleaning their windows without leaving streaks for years now. However, if this is a new concept for you, you should definitely try it and see if you enjoy the method and if it actually works for you. Vinegar is a great alternative to store-bought cleaning products since it is a completely natural product and a great choice if you are shifting towards a more eco-friendly cleaning routine. Vinegar also cuts grease and removes dirt perfectly, plus it does not streak, which makes it a perfect choice for sparkling clean and shiny windows.

Use a Magic Eraser

You can include a magic eraser type of product to your window cleaning routine for even better results. Use a magic eraser for removing dirt, silicone caulk, and water stains.

Change the Blade for No Streaks

Make sure to always change your squeegee with a new one once you notice the old one is old and worn already. This will help you effectively clean the windows without leaving streaks.

Use a Blade for Stubborn Buildup

You can opt for using a razor blade for removing stubborn buildup such as the one from paint, gunk, etc. However, a razor blade should be used with caution and a lot of attention. First of all, make sure you are protected when using one. Second of all, you should take the required precautions to protects the glass from scratches too. Make sure the glass is wet when using the razor blade and make sure to change the blade with a new one each time. Do not use blades with rust particles because even the smallest and finest ones can scratch the glass significantly.

Use Two Rags

Make sure you are using at least two rags when cleaning your windows. One should be used for the dirtiest parts of the window, for example, the window sills or the outside parts of the window, etc. The second one you will use for the cleaner parts of the window, for example, the glass parts, the edges, etc.

Use Steel Wool

Using steel wool is another great method for removing tough and stubborn stains and dirt, for example, stains left from tree sap, adhesive, paint, etc. However, keep in mind that before you start working with the steep wool, you want to lubricate the glass in order to prevent scratching it. You can do that by spraying a window cleaner onto the glass and gently buffing away the stains with super-fine steel wool.

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